Welcome to the Alaska Herrin’s Genealogy

The website, Alaska Herrins, is finally updated as of 2009-11-01, but then I switched my server package to a Linux hosting so I could use more CGI and other scripts (or at least pretend I know how to). So it has been off line for a bit now as they switch the package over. If you are reading this, then it should be done. The site is alaskaherrins.com. I have a second site, alaskaherrins.net, but it is the out of date version and as soon as the .com site is running smoothly I will delete it.

I hope to do more frequent updates than I have been, but there are no promises. I have a lot of census images I want to add to the website and some biographical sketches that were gathered up by distant family members long ago. I need to come up with some idea of organization for all of it so it will take me a little while.

The photos linked to individuals on the genealogy pagesĀ are new for this update so there is something a little more interesting. I am always looking for more or better ones if you have something you would like to contribute. I am hoping to get some photo albums of the very old photos up soon.

If you find any errors on your family don’t hesitate to email me and I will fix it as soon as possible. I would like to know if there are broken links, misinformation or messed up pictures (ones that are obviously too small or large).


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